Romantic Mapmaking: Chart A Love Story


We can all agree that not needing to rescue one’s beloved from a wicked monster, evil spell, or general fairy-tale peril is a good thing—especially because every love story is the stuff of legend all on its own. Join us for a remarkable 90-minute online experience that will teach you to map the captivating realm of real-life romance. Our guide on this quest is Brendan Lorber, a poet, writer, and artist whose fantastical biographical maps are on display at libraries and museums from Bed-Stuy to Edinburgh. Taking inspiration from classic fantasy fiction and role-playing games, Brendan’s imaginative style is uniquely suited to creating an extraordinary present for a romantic partner or favorite couple—and the class itself makes an unforgettable gift, particularly for someone celebrating an engagement, wedding, or landmark anniversary (like the first—a.k.a., the “paper” one).

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