12 Gift Ideas for The Legend of Zelda Fans

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda series has been captivating audiences for decades with its epic adventures, challenging puzzles, and lovable characters. If you have a friend or loved one who is a fan of the series, you may be struggling to find the perfect gift for them. Don't worry - we've got you covered! In this blog post, we will share some of the best gift ideas for fans of The Legend of Zelda. From games to collectibles, there's something for every fan on this list. Keep reading to find the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life.

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The Legend of Zelda Small Bag

The Legend of Zelda

Dive into the world of Hyrule with the NOR NIN Legend of Zelda Starter Kit. This exclusive set includes a themed pouch, intricately designed stylus, and a soft cleaning cloth featuring iconic Zelda imagery. Whether you're embarking on an epic quest or just safeguarding your gaming gear, this kit ensures you do it in legendary style!


Anyone who ever played the original Legend of Zelda NES game remembers the experience of slipping that cartridge out of the sleeve for the first time. Normally, when you bought a fresh NES game, a dull, cement gray cartridge appeared out of the sleeve. Not The Legend of Zelda. You slowly opened the box and suddenly, shining rays of gold tickle your eyes and you can’t plop that cartridge inside the console fast enough! Well, now there’s a blanket that will help you relive some of those glory days.


Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Explore a world of unprecedented size and discover more than 100 puzzle-filled shrines, plus a wide variety of weapons, outfits and gear.


Play anytime, anywhere. Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like. Bring the full home gaming system experience with you to the park, on an airplane, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment.


Yahaha!!! This little Korogu, or Korok, is born in the forests of Bali, Indonesia. Inspired by the Great Forest’s people, it has been hand sculpted by a master woodcarver, in a Suar piece of wood from Java, and polished with a natural bee wax. Those statues are handmade, that's why waiting time before shipping can be longer sometimes.


Relive the classic charm of retro gaming with Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda edition. This compact, handheld device brings together three of Zelda's grandest adventures alongside a nostalgic clock feature. Immerse yourself in the pixel-perfect worlds of 'The Legend of Zelda', 'Zelda II: The Adventure of Link', and 'The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening'. Perfect for collectors and fans alike, it's a pocket-sized journey through Hyrule's legendary tales!


THE KINGDOM OF HYRULE 3D WOODEN MAP. This map has a unique design that will make you happy for a long time. The map is very detailed. It shows the adventure locations of your favorite characters.


Koroks Ya Ha Ha! Fine Art Print. The print comes in 2 different sizes; Small measures 15 x 15cm, Medium measures 21cm x 21cm. Both sizes come unframed and are packed inside a protective sleeve with backing board.


Professionally texturized/painted Bokoblin Chest from Zelda BotW retrofitted for both gamers and photographers who have a genuine love for the series. Container is capable of storing six Nintendo Switch Cartridges or eight SD cards.


Illuminate your nights with the enchanting glow of The Legend of Zelda Night Lamp. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lamp captures the essence of the iconic game series. Whether you're a dedicated fan of Link's adventures or simply appreciate exquisite design, this lamp is a beacon of nostalgia and a testament to timeless gaming. Perfect for bedrooms, game rooms, or any space needing a touch of Hyrule magic.


Classic 54-card deck with 2 jokers created by me: unique illustrations! There are 2 versions, one with the creatures/animals/monsters from the games and this one with the characters. They are supplied with a cardboard box made of hot foil for a very shiny and magical effect! and a signed certificate of authenticity.


It's dangerous to go alone... This retro Legend of Zelda inspired Travel Poster features the hills, forest and mountain scenery of the Kingdom of Hyrule.